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Only doing IN PERSON visits

If you need to cancel an appointment you booked with our clinic, you can do so instantly through our online system via the button below. If you cannot attend an appointment you booked, please cancel it immediately so another patient can take it:

No appointment = no guarantee you will be seen. Please BOOK APPOINTMENT before coming.

Clinic Hours
Mon-Fri: 5pm-8pm

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.


If you have question for receptionist you can email info@ldrs.ca but not for any medical questions. For any medical questions or concerns, you need to see a doctor (book visit here).

We are also offering Registered Dietitian Consultations

In our clinic, virtually or over phone – which ever you prefer!

  • Registered Dietitian Services

    Registered Dietitian Services

    Our clinic is please to be able to offer comprehensive Registered Dietitian consultations, meal planning and more… Please click here to learn more about our Registered Dietitian services.

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  • Ingrown Toenail Surgery

    Ingrown Toenail Surgery

    VANDENBOS PROCEDURE Ingrown toenail can get quite painful and lead to recurrent toe infections. Luckily we have a physician at our clinic who also specializes in toe consultations and Vandenbos procedure (toe surgery to fix the overgrown toenail)… Please click here to get setup with a toe consultation which is the first step in getting…

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  • Medical Aesthetics

    Medical Aesthetics

    Our clinic is pleased to offer Botox, Cryotherapy, Cosmetic Mole Excisions and other cosmetic procedures…. We also have compression stockings and Latisse available. Please click here to visit the medical aesthetics webpage.

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  • Medical Care

    Medical Care

    Wonderland Walk-In Clinic and its team of experienced physicians understand that restoring or maintaining your health is not the only role medical care plays in our healthcare system. Our certified doctors will work with you to create an individualized treatment and strategy that allows you to recuperate from sickness, injury, or other medical problems.

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  • Sports and Camps Physicals

    Sports and Camps Physicals

    Simply put, the purpose of Sports physicals is prevent and reduce the risk of injury! Our doctors at Wonderland Walk-In Clinic are qualified to do sports physicals for children, teenagers, and even adults. Our knowledgeable team will go through your medical history and conduct a thorough examination before making any recommendations. A Sports physical (also…

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  • MTO Physical Exam

    MTO Physical Exam

    The MTO Physical Exams can determine whether you are at risk of having a functional limitation while operating your motor vehicle. An MTO Physical Exam is a standard evaluation to ensure that a person is in good health, fit, and ready to drive safely on Ontario’s roads. You may be required to take a driver…

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  • Physical Examinations

    Physical Examinations

    Physical Examinations are done to evaluate the overall health of a patients body systems. Our clinic’s primary care physicians do a range of physical examinations at the clinic. Physical examinations are typically done once a year or more frequently in cases where the patient has specific medical concerns. All physicals include your medical history. Your…

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