Toe Consultations

Dr. Marczuk provides toe consultations for Vandenbos toe surgery.

Booking initial consultation:

****PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Marczuk does not do toenail removal so please refer elsewhere for that.****

Patients with a valid OHIP health card (must be current, valid and NOT expired):

  1. Have your doctor send us a referral for a toe consultation (required). PLEASE REFER VIA OCEAN eREFERRAL PLATFORM. You can be referred by your family doctor, walk-in clinics, or urgent care centres. Note: You can book with our walk-in clinic for a referral.
  2. Our staff will review the referral, if valid information is received and referral is accepted then we will notify you of the appointment. You will also receive email/text reminders from our clinic prior to the appointment.
  3. At your initial consultation visit, Dr. Marczuk examines you if you need the surgery. If the surgery is deemed necessary, you will be required to fill consent forms and your surgery appointment will be booked
  4. After the procedure, the doctor will instruct you to book a follow-up appointment (for a certain time after procedure) and you will visit this webpage (below) to book the follow-up.
    If you experience issues (e.g. infection) with the toe after surgery, you can always visit this page again to book another follow-up appointment with Dr. Marczuk.

Booking toe follow up visits

Click here to book toe consult follow-up appointment

Toe consultations for patients without OHIP

Patients without OHIP coverage – please contact our office directly (private pay) via email to to arrange a consultation. Patients from USA can also receive care for a fee.

Handouts for Dr. Marczuk’s Vandenbos Procedure Patients