Appointment Booking

Click on the option you want to book. Please read through all information about it prior to clicking it.

Dr. Marczuk Family Practice

  • Vaccine/Injection appointment Only for Dr. Marczuk’s patients to book a routine injection visit (B12 or Prolia) or vaccination (Tetanus/Adacel/Polio/MMRV/etc.). This option is NOT FOR FLU SHOT (there will be separate booking option for flu shot when those are available).
    Make sure you specify what immunization you are coming in for in the ‘Reason for Visit’ field in the booking system otherwise we will need to cancel the appointment as we may not have it.
    If you’re coming in for B12/Prolia then please specify that in the ‘Reason for Visit’ and bring it with you (it is by Rx only so you must bring the vial).
  • PAP Test Only for Dr. Marczuk’s patients to book a PAP test.

Dr. Marczuk Specialty Services

Registered Dietitian & Respiratory Therapist Services